Weird dreams

I’m In Germany at the moment, with friends to celebrate a friend’s fortieth birthday. Had the weirdest dream last night which I have detailed below. The writing may be a bit disjointed as I had just woken up and grabbed the phone to write it all down before I forgot it.

Go to pub to meet work colleagues, pub is empty as there is a wedding happening upstairs, a dance troop dressed as the incredibles, but in white, are arguing at the bottom of the stairs while making superhero poses. Is a fancy dress wedding.

For some reason I’m with someone who is banging on in endless self promotion about his films, as he wants to be a famous actor. We leave. Then I’m in the same place with Kit Harrington, people from work are there, Michael goes to get drinks and doesn’t come back. I tell Kit all about the wanna be actor, try to show him the endless self promotion of the guy on Facebook but can’t get the app to load on my iPad. No matter what I do, it crashes and freezes and just won’t load. All people from work have gone.

In a pub eating fish and chips, discover something round and slightly pink in it. After prodding it with the knife it is pierced and blood slowly fills up the bow, turning pink as it mingles with the fish and white sauce that’s appeared in the bowl.

An island, across the bay on a picturesque Cornish type village. big house. Seemingly deserted. Michael from work and I arrive by boat, looking for people from work having driven around Bury St. Edmunds looking for them. Literally driving around the ring road as we can’t find the route into town and every turn just brings us back to the ring road.

I see someone ducking behind a garage window, go in but can’t find the person having traipsed through deserted rooms looking. Other people arrive by boat, not sure on numbers. The leader is a big fierce looking gun toting fellow, who turns out to be quite nice. Eventually discover it’s a weird gun toting commune. People you are brave enough to swim to the island are called mega somethings but not allowed to stay. Everyone from work are there having already opted to stay. To join you have to choose a selection of weapons from a tea chest. The chap who was hiding earlier goes first. There is a list on a chalkboard next to the tea chest in the form of a menu detailing the weapons you can have and how to use them. There is a second tea chest to the left of the first with unknown items in it. If you choose from this one you have to leave.

We form an orderly queue and select our items. Then we head to the sheds, which are like motel rooms with our luggage. A couple of the girls from work are entering their rooms, both tell me they are not wearing my pants as they forgot to pack them. I tell them I have packed mine and am wearing a pair.

On the beach, patrolling. The hiding chappy, whose name is Sidly, accidentally shoots and kills a Mega Something who has swim to shore and us waving hello.

Ask me about the gaffer tape. That was in there too. Apparently you can’t buy it in Germany.