On this scrap of paper, she hastily wrote…

Thanks to crippling writers block, this is the first piece of micro fiction, or anything for that matter, I have written in a very long time. It is a long way from my best work with a dodgy paragraph or two, and it took me an hour and not the usual ten minutes, but I’m pleased I’ve managed to get something out. Here it is in it’s unedited form as it was written, I plan to revisit it at sometime.

Massive thanks to my awesome friend over at https://lb-writes.com for the prompt, although it did take me three days to act upon it!

On this scrap of paper, she hastily wrote…

As she jumped from the wall, she landed awkwardly and tumbled to one side, letting out a gasp and a slight groan in surprise as she did so, then cursed inwardly as she heard voices from the other side of the wall. “Over here, I heard something, she’s gone over the wall, c’mon.”

She picked herself up, looked up at the wall behind her, noting the light from the flashlights beaming erratically into the sky like miniature searchlights. Her pursuers were close, closer than she realised. She could hear them clearly now, barking instructions to each other as they began to climb up the other side of the wall.

MOVE IT… she screamed to herself as she pulled herself to her feet and ran, falling forward slightly, almost losing her balance as she did so, correcting her gait as she gained momentum and ran for her life.

She kept running, until the adrenaline began to wear away and the pain in her feet started sweeping   into her consciousness, then slumped down, with her back against the trunk of an ancient oak. They had been forced to flee barefoot, her and her beloved, and the wounds on her souls pained her greatly. The memory of her beloved distracting her from the pain in her feet. She wondered where he was, hoping he had managed to escape, they had been forced to separate at the wall, no time for him to climb over as their hunters gained on them.

No time for this, got to keep moving, she cursed to herself, wiping a tear from her cheek as she did so, rising wearily from her resting place, then standing bent over, hands on her knees as she let the sudden rush of blood to her head drain away and set off, once again, as the sudden dizziness dissipated.

An hour later she reached the rendezvous point, an old flint shed tucked away in the corner of a field, secluded somewhat by a thick copse that had grown around it as the disused building had become derelict its use having become redundant as modern farming techniques tool over. She went in and huddled in a corner where there was still enough of the roof structure to afford her some protection form the drizzle in the air.

There she waited. Falling into a deep, exhaustive sleep from her exertions, just as the light of the sun was rising with a new dawn. She awoke, the brightness of the sun arching overhead, breaching the cover of the remaining roof tiles and startling her awake. For a moment, she panicked, forgetting where she was as the memories of the night before reasserted themselves in her mind. What time is it, she wondered, how long have I been asleep? She blinked rapidly against the powerful light the sun in her eyes, judging it to be early afternoon. where was he? Her mind instantly sprang to her beloved, should have been here by now. He must have been forced to take a longer route, he will be here soon, don’t worry. Her mind tried to reassure her.

Several hours passed, and soon the sun was fading, as dusk and the night approached. She had to move, if she stayed too much longer, she would be discovered and taken back to that dreadful place, where she would surely die. From her pocket she fished out a piece of creased paper and the stub of a pencil. On this scrap of paper, she hastily wrote a quick note:

 “My beloved M

I’ve had to leave, it’s too dangerous here for me to wait any longer,
I pray that you find this note and follow quickly my love.
I’ll await you in the secret place at the border. Hurry, please my love,
I cannot bear for us to be apart and yearn to hold you close to me again.


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