Transfixed by the lights, she never noticed he was there.

It was beautiful, big, round, bright, and beautiful, there was an amazing spectrum of colours surrounding the outside of the circle and the more she looked at it the more beautiful it became, bursting with incandescence, glowing with luminosity from the edges and into the beyond of the periphery of her vision.

At the centre was an almost blinding whiteness.  The type of white brightness that would leave black dots in the centre of your vison if you looked away or closed your eyes. Except she was unable to look away. She was absolutely transfixed by the sheer brilliance of the lights, even if she wanted to, even if she tried to force herself, she simply could not tear her vision away from the lights. Sitting, in the middle of the road, utterly motionless, caught in the vastness of the brilliance as they came closer and closer, faster and faster, until…

Bloody rabbits, the driver said aloud as he sped down the country lane, swerving at the last minute in a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable, imagining the sound of crunching bones as his wheel instantly crushed the poor, blinded, bunny as he zoomed toward his destination.

10 Minute Writing Prompt

Hello. I have had this wordpress blog site thingy for several years now and have never typed a thing into it.

Anyway, today I have. My old mate over at has told me to do this 10 minute writing prompt from here

December Writing Prompts

Todays prompt was/is: Holding her gaze briefly from across the room, he knew…

This is what I wrote, I haven’t read the rules so don’t know if I should edit out the typos and grammatical errors etc. so I have left it as I typed it:

Holding her gaze briefly from across the room he knew that it was just a matter of time before she came over and asked why he had just tipped his drink into the top drawer of their hosts sideboard. He glanced away then glanced back to see if she was still looking at him. She was. Quite intently. Damn it. He thought, why did she have to look at him at that precise moment of all moments? 

She was quite a stern looking individual, with a pointy, sticky out chin, with skin that looked as if it had been weathered to leather by years of facing into a north wind at the south pole. Her grey hair was tightly pulled into a top knot upon her head, which made the wrinkles of her forehead raise vertically instead of horizontally, which was made her look extremely odd.

She started moving towards him through the crowd of guests, stepping sideways to slip between a couple of portly gentlemen and ducking as she passed to avoid interrupting their conversation. As she did so, her chin dipped into one of the gentleman’s frothy beer, while her top knot snagged in the long bushy beard of the other fellow.

As the kerfuffle of entangled party guests erupted before him, he took his chance, slammed the sideboard drawer shut with enough ferocity to make the collection of family photographs, arranged on show on top wobble a little, and legged it out of the door.

It was a shit party anyway.